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    Kcnet Co., Limited is a leading high-tech communications company with over 8 years of expertise in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of a wide range of communication products. Our extensive product line includes cutting-edge optical fiber access network communications products utilized in Optical Distribution Network (ODN), Active Optical Network (AON), and Passive Optical Network (EPON, GPON, XG-PON, 10G PON, XGS-PON, NG-PON1, NG-PON2, 40G PON, TWDM-PON) technologies, such as high-performance optical line terminals (OLT), OLT boards, optical transceivers, switches, routers, optical fibers, optical cables, jumpers, as well as copper network cables, logarithmic cables, patch cords, network connectors, and other...